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A bacteriophage... or you playing inside yourself. Withstand the attacks of Coronavirus and Ebola, while making your way through the venas of your arm. Every day battle between the outside world and your immune system can now be fought by You. Unexpected things will happen, many deaths will occur, and only the evolved will become Victorious and just like in the jungle, here rules the law of the food chain - Kill or be killed.

Cool/unique things about the game:
Kill COVID-19 - weak, but fast spreading.
Kill Ebola - the tough one.
Kill Influenza - mouth-eye-spinning-hazard.
Kill E.Coli - easy when alone.
Kill Helminths - he will lay eggs in the Stomach.
Controllable clones - safely scout the unknown ways.
Evolution choices - more jump? more speed? more time? more clones?
Pills as strategy - outthink enemies by dropping heavy pills in front of them.
Combat choice - should I get his DNA or not?
Deadly Infections - some organs are more infected than others.
Hack valves - A game within the game? (wow).
Ability to return half of your money back!