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Evil Dead: The Game - GOTY Edition

The Game of the Year Edition of Evil Dead: The Game includes content from 6 DLC packs, including the new “Ash vs Evil Dead” “Who’s Your Daddy” DLC, and more at a discounted rate:

• Survivors: David, Mia, The Blacksmith, Ruby, and Brock
• Demon: Schemer - Featuring the notorious Baal as the demon boss
• Ash S-Mart Uniform Outfit
• Ash Gallant Knight Outfit
• Ash Savini Alternate Outfit
• Ash Williams College Outfit
• Ash Williams Hunter Outfit
• Ash S-Mart Halloween Outfit
• Ash Sellsword Outfit
• Ash Party Animal Outfit
• Ash Ashy Slashy Outfit
• Amanda Duty Calls Outfit
• Annie Knowby Explorer Outfit
• Cheryl Williams Browntown Outfit
• Ed Getley Explorer Outfit
• Gilded Attire costume pack for the Necromancer Demon army
• Henry The Red’s Scottish Vibe Outfit
• Henry the Red: Red Pikeman Outfit
• Henry the Red: Berserker Cosplay Outfit
• Kelly Scourge of Evil Outfit
• Lord Arthur Battle Prep Outfit
• Lord Arthur Rightful King Outfit
• Mia Demon Slayer Outfit
• Pablo Fish and Chips Outfit
• Pablo El Brujo Outfit
• Puppeteer Demon King of the White Frost Costume Pack
• Scotty College Outfit
• Warlord Demon Firefighter-Themed Costume Pack

About the Game

The ultimate Evil Dead multiplayer experience is here… and it’s groovy!

Step into the shoes of Ash Williams or his friends from the iconic Evil Dead franchise and work together in a game loaded with over-the-top co-op and PVP multiplayer action! Play as a team of four survivors, exploring, looting, managing your fear, and finding key items to seal the breach between worlds in a game inspired by all three original Evil Dead films as well as the STARZ original Ash vs Evil Dead television series.

Iconic Characters - Play as characters from throughout the Evil Dead universe, including Ash, Scotty, Lord Arthur, Kelly Maxwell, & more, with new dialogue performed by Bruce Campbell & others!

Play As Good or Evil - Fight for the forces of good or take control of the Kandarian Demon to hunt Ash & others while possessing Deadites, the environmental objects & more as you seek to swallow their souls!

Off-the-Wall Visuals - Whether you’re tearing a Deadite in 2 with Ash's chainsaw hand or flying across the map as the Kandarian Demon, realistic visuals & physics-based gore brings the horror to life!

This...Is My Boomstick - Brandish your double barrel shotgun, chainsaw, cleavers and more to do some delightfully gruesome violence against the armies of darkness.

Splatter Royale - Choose Deadite versions of any Survivors and Demons from the game in this battle royale–style game mode. Use your wits and weapons to duke it out to the last person standing in fast-paced, cutthroat action for up to 40 players!