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- This game is fully compatible with mouse/keyboard operation and VR operation. It can be played without VR without any problems. -

World running at full physics

Physical actions such as pulling with wires, blowing up with blasts, and manipulating gravity can be freely performed using equipment and Lumiers, which can be combined to create a wide variety of fighting styles.
All objects move with a complexity and freedom that cannot be achieved with animation, which will enhance your immersion in this world.

Lumiers acting independently

The Lumiers, which you can take more than one with you, will fight automatically, so the game progresses simply by supporting them.
If you leave it to them, you can immediately enjoy the game in a 3D full-physics world without any troublesome operations or settings.

Auto-generated dungeons + infinite LV depth

The dungeons, built automatically by the Tower of EXPHYSIA, change shape each time you enter them, and are never the same again.
The dungeons also have level elements and a day/night concept, adding variety to the exploration.

Variety of player weapons

There are various weapons and equipment with diverse physical actions, such as guided missile systems, explosive systems, and ranged attack systems. Combine them well and find your own unique fighting style.

Automatic Assistive Equipment Atomotor

There are several types of self-sustaining atomotors, such as those that generate electric shocks and eject magic bullets, which together with the Lumiers will automatically defeat the enemy.
If they are placed and operated with ingenuity, players will be able to gain an advantage in battle even by just watching them.

Golem with complex joints

The golem also operates completely on physics, so players can create various strategies, such as pulling the arm parts upward or separating the golem from the main body by concentrated attacks. The system can also be hacked to temporarily make it an ally.

Real-time switching between display and VR

We have made it possible to switch between the two at any time, while unifying the feeling of operation as much as possible, so that you can play in VR when you want an immersive experience, and play easily on the display when you get tired.
We have also taken thorough measures to prevent 3D sickness and VR sickness, such as allowing the game to proceed without having to move around a great deal.
* Play in VR is intended for seated play. A head-mounted display is used instead of a display, and one VR controller is used instead of a keyboard and mouse.