• 8,259 Achievements Earned
  • 1,040 Players Tracked
  • 30 Total Achievements
  • 16,789 Obtainable EXP
  • 23 100% Club

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Store Description

Golf Around! is a multiplayer Mini Golf game with crazy golf courses. In addition, you can easily play and create custom levels! For 1 to 12 players.


  • Online multiplayer and single player
  • A level creator with many community maps (includes a terrain editor)
  • 10 built in courses (180 holes): Village, Dungeon, Snowy, Lab, Vaporwave, Haven, Steampunk, Castle 1, Castle 2, and Cyberpunk
  • Crazy mechanics like katanas that can slice your golf ball in half, dragons that can set you on fire, or cannons that can blast you into the air
  • A wide variety of game options and modes, such as shape mode, race mode, and hardcore mode
  • Steam Items to customize your ball
  • Steam Achievements
  • Much more to come!