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Steam Price History

Store Description

Standard Edition

・Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Game

Granblue Special Item Set: GBVSR Pack is not included in the Steam version of Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Standard Edition.

Deluxe Edition

・Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Game
・4 Color Variants for the 28 Base Characters
・3 Weapon Skins for the 28 Base Characters
・Deluxe Character Pass Part 1
 - 6 DLC Characters and Premium Avatars
 - 4 Color Variants for the 6 DLC Characters
 - 3 Weapon Skins for the 6 DLC Characters
 - Costume "Guider to the Eternal Edge" (Gran)
 - Costume "Guider to the Eternal Edge" (Djeeta)
 - Premium Avatar "Vikala (Yin)"

Includes content that may have already been purchased.
Contains content that can be purchased separately or may be included in other products.
This set includes some content that can be obtained separately in the in-game Rupie Shop.
Granblue Special Item Set: GBVSR Pack and early access are not included in the Steam version of Grandblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Deluxe Edition.

Free Edition

・Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Game
Online play is available across all editions, and you will be able to transfer your save data if you upgrade to another edition.
Some features are unavailable in the Free Edition.

About the Game

The latest installment in the GBVS series is taking the genre to new heights! Rise to glory in the definitive fighting game experience for beginners and veterans alike.

It's a Party! Claim Your Crown in Grand Bruise Legends!
Need a break from matches? Take a breather and experience a one-of-a-kind island lobby filled with fun attractions. You can even go head-to-head with other players online in a variety of obstacle courses and survival games in an all-new party mode, Grand Bruise Legends!
(Avatar, character, and mode availability is limited in the Free Edition.)

Stay Focused on the Battle, Not the Controls
Newcomers can fully enjoy the intensity and thrills of one-on-one combat without needing to memorize complicated controls—simple inputs can be used to perform skills with the press of a single button!

A Captivating Story Campaign Awaits
Embark on a journey through the vast skies of Granblue Fantasy and immerse yourself in an epic adventure while mastering the fundamentals of gameplay. As you take on more quests in this action RPG-inspired experience, you'll continue to grow stronger.

Personalize the Experience On Every Level
Express yourself and show some love for your favorite Granblue characters through a variety of character colors, weapon skins, lobby avatars, and even a selectable partner character to cheer you on and give you advice!

Get Creative with the Digital Figure Studio
The only limit is your imagination—construct original dioramas from a massive collection of high-quality 3D models from the Granblue Fantasy Versus series!