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Blast the Pimp Legion with your loyal hell gun as you conquer various stages and its riches while searching for your wife. On your journey, acquire new powerful skills and weapons while performing badass moves across this comedic hell world. Face challenging foes, crush them and rescue other abducted demon babes with immense hell power.

  • 9 explosive challenging stages, filled with idiots to slaughter
  • 4 unlockable weapons, just waiting for you at the babe statue
  • Badass dumb story about saving your babe from Pimp Legion
  • Nice cool pixel graphics with cool gore
  • Cool homemade soundtrack
  • Boss fights filled with personality and stupidity
  • Abducted demon babes with badass rewards to give

The Caramelized Dumbass, Satan’s son, attends the School of Magic to become strong magic guy.
He got your wife as his teacher, and is in goddamn love...
The Dumbass decides to kidnap her, thinking she’s cool with it, but in fact, is uncool with it.

You, after learning this, forcefully venture out on a quest to save her.
Beware, on your path you will encounter his loyal Pimp Legion army. They will stand in your way, but with your might, they will transform into nothing but gore and blood.