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If you like Hammer Kid, you will love Tiny Thor

About the Game

The terrible "Szymon Spitfire" sends his armada of monsters to the small village of "Vivid Island". Of all things, a little boy, armed only with a hammer, is the only one brave enough to stand up to the evil.

Use the power of your hammer as you travel to four mystical lands. In 40 huge levels you will encounter dozens of enemies and dangerous bosses.

Collect precious green and red jewels, explore the world and discover secrets.

Oh, and did I mention the really great soundtrack, inspired by the glorious sound of the 8- and 16-bit console era?

The retro game you've been waiting for. Are you ready for a fantastic adventure?
  • 16-Bit Pixel-Art Platformer
  • Nostalgic Soundtrack
  • Use your hammer to defeat enemies
  • Explore 40 handcrafted levels divided into 4 huge worlds
  • Discover secrets and collect gems

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