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About the Game

Take charge of history’s greatest war machines in Hearts of Iron IV, a grand strategy wargame that challenges your strategic abilities and political insight. Refight World War II at the head of nation from the time period, building up an industrial powerhouse and a diplomatic alliance that will effectively wage war on ideological opponents.

Hearts of Iron IV is more than a historical simulation. Alternate historical paths open up with almost every decision you make, from small ones such as where to launch your attack to crack open Fortress Europe, to large ones, such as whether to re-establish democracies or long forgotten monarchies.

In Hearts of Iron IV, you can plan the military strategy almost down to the rivets, as you design division templates for your armies, research new modes of production and means of destruction, set out factory instructions and pursue political objectives. Almost no part of the war goes untouched as you guide a nation of your choice through humanity’s darkest hour.

This purchase comes with the Hearts of Iron IV base game as well as three expansion packs:

  • Death or Dishonor: focuses on eastern and central European middle powers
  • Together for Victory: focuses on British Commonwealth nations
  • Waking the Tiger: focuses on China and Japan