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About the Game

A quick note from the developer:

Himno was created a long time ago as a private project which I played to de-stress myself. Little by little I was getting in love, and that's why I decided to share it for free. If you enjoy simple games about platforming and parkour, this will catch you! The controls are super intuitive and easy to learn, and there is an endless amount of procedurally generated maps for you to explore and overcome in many different ways like the old 8-bit platformers.

An endless experience about jumping and watching the world created featuring:

  • Non-violent, no death.
  • Your actions in the world trigger vibrant visuals and emotional soundtracks by composer Dan Farley.
  • Wall-jumps, slides, dashes, moving platforms, lifts.
  • Play at your own pace without pressure.
  • Watch bright things dance around you.
  • Great for playing for a little while every now and then to discover some new maps.
  • Enjoyable by a wide variety of player skill.

Russian translation: Akim Avlasovich
Korean translation: Kim Sang Yoon
Turkish translation: Atilla Kabakcıoğlu