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Store Description

The most wicked men that ever lived on earth. Authoritarians, dictators, and tyrants, from Hitler to Stalin, they are all back. Historical Invaders it's a fixed shooter game where you are the chosen one to annihilate the demons of our past and save mankind.

Intense combat, stunning pixel art, story-driven and cinematic hand-drawing. Historical Invaders send the player across planet Earth to destroy spaceships that came out of nowhere mysteriously, bringing back enemies that humanity had already destroyed: the nazi, the communists, the fascists, and many more. Players will solve this mystery, put down these threats, and save mankind again.

Key Features

Old school Space shooter
Historical Invaders is a love letter to the gold era of lovely shooter games from the 80s and 90s. The players will shoot the spaceships from above, collect power-ups, escape danger, and fight against time to beat the levels.

The Story
Set in a dystopian future when a cryogenic corporation decides to bring back from the dead, monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and many others.

Challenge Gameplay
To fight the Historical Invaders, the player will need to move quickly, learn enemies' patterns, and never stand still.

Beautiful to look at, hard to get, and wonderful to use. With them, you are powerful. Without them, the Historical Invaders will tear you apart.

Your ears won't be disappointed as you destroy the Historical Invaders.

For each boss, a different strategy is needed. They won't be easy on you, so be prepared.