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Hockey Camp - Goaltender presents the opportunity to compete through a competitive goalie hockey camp. Compete against other goalies on the leaderboard to prove that you are the best at making saves! Experience high speed hockey pucks, dramatic save streaks, and desperation saves as you fight your way through the challenges and compete for victory on the leaderboards.


  • Compete against other players on the Steam Leaderboards
  • Compete through 3 Hockey Camp Goalie Challenges featuring Puck Cannons
  • Customize your Goalie Jersey
  • Compete for Steam Achievements as you compete through challenges

  • Build your save streaks in a competitive challenge mode where puck cannons rapidly fire at the net!
  • Compete against other players on the Steam Leaderboards

  • Face off against rapid fire hockey puck cannons that will test your abilities in the goalie crease.

Xbox 360 Controller is recommended for the greatest playing experience.