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Create your own character, then dive into the dungeons and kill various enemies and bosses!

Be sure to be prepared for the boss at the end of each dungeon!

Coming in a future update: Procedurally generated dungeons, for that truly infinite amount of varied and interesting dungeons to explore!

You start off only being able to do a single amount of damage to your enemies, but over time and through the upgrading of your sword you can gain more damage per click! So long as you have your enemies blood to spend, you can always become more powerful!

Use spells in order to help you in your long quest to defeat enemies faster, and while you are offline. The higher the skill's level, the more damage it will be able to do in battle. Make sure to keep up with your spells and keep them under control! You don't want them going against you!

- Dungeon Crawler Idle Game.
- Spells & Upgrades.
- Prestige System.
- Multipliers.