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As commander of the Monster's Defense Force, YOU are tasked with building the ultimate team of epic monsters to battle the endless swarms of evil humans. Idle Monster TD Evolved is an endless idle Tower Defense game filled with over 150 unique monsters and pets, ranging from cute and colorful flower creatures to epic fire breathing dragons. Unlock, upgrade, and most importantly, EVOLVE your monsters to defend the portal from an infinite swarm of invading humans. Strategize the most effective placement of monsters to optimize their powerful abilities.

This delightful take on tower defense flips the script, putting you in charge of helpful creepy-crawlies trying to stop human invaders from destroying your base. Strategically place cute allies like "Sun Blossom" for increased gold-production, or use "Skeleton Mage" for heavier damage. And if things get real dicey, just wipe the map clean with a "Rain of Fire" spell!

Defeating waves of invading humans gives you upgrades to bolster power, speed, and other stats - and the more humans you obliterate, the more monsters you’ll unlock. Idle Monster TD: Evolved is filled with awesome beasts, ranging from cute flower monsters to big metal robots to scorching fire dragons. Discovering and evolving new creatures is part of the fun.

Like any loyal pal, Idle Monster TD takes care of itself when you’re away. Come back in a few days to claim gold and power up your defenses. Those humans don’t sleep - but neither do your monsters.


  • Unlock 40 unique monsters, all of which have different skill sets that make tower synergy crucial to success.
  • Each monster has 3 evolutions that provide massive upgrades to power.
  • Strategize by placing up to 10 monster towers at a time. Determining the most effective combination of their elemental skills and passive boosts will keep you entertained and speculating for weeks!
  • Play through 5 different maps, each requiring different strategies to defend most efficiently.
  • Bi-weekly PvP tournaments give this casual game a competitive edge.
  • Discover countless upgrades, research, spells, artifacts, technology, and more to level up with a variety of different resources.
  • Several rewarding mini-games, such as Peasant Mobs, Tank Swordsman, and Necromancer bosses.
  • Non-stop, endless gameplay!
  • Fantasy RPG-based world and classes.
  • Complete tons of daily missions and achievements.
  • Offline progress and gold earnings reward you while the game is closed!
  • Cute and colorful 3d graphics.

Idle Monster TD: Evolved is a perfect blend of the Idle and Tower Defense genres. The game is endless and can mostly play itself without you watching. However, an immense amount of strategy is required to play efficiently and place well against your peers on the leaderboards. Go on an epic never-ending quest, explore a fantastic world, battle humans and monsters, and defeat epic bosses in Idle Monster TD: Evolved!