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The game is a visual novel based off one of my book series I titled the same as the game. Jaden & Jasmine.

Jaden Black is an intelligent high school student who completed all of his school work within a matter of days. He often sits in class bored with nothing to do.

Well one day he decides to not just sit class being bored but decides to go get a drink of water. While doing so Jaden doesn’t realized that he’s being watched by someone.

Anyways while getting a drink of water Jaden comes across the principal of his high school, Principal Karen. Throughout the Game you’ll find out the Jaden himself always wanted to be the principal of his school. He achieve this with the help of his friend Jasmine Miles

Students find out how they were able to do this and start blackmailing both Jaden & Jasmine them or threatening to expose them.

How does Jaden & Jasmine go about this we’ll find out by playing this game.