• 288,812 Achievements Earned
  • 20,576 Players Tracked
  • 24 Total Achievements
  • 1,431 Obtainable EXP
  • 3,308 100% Club

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Are you tired of blowing away leaves IRL? Or have you ever wanted to blow away the stupid leaves with a rocket engine filled with nuclear fuel? Then Leaf Blower Revolution is for you!

Purchase Autoblowers, unlock upgrades, earn achievements, and watch the numbers go up:

  • An idle game you can play actively or passively
  • Blow leaves virtually
  • Buy tools that help you blow away leaves more easily
  • Buy Autoblowers and watch them do the work while enjoying your coffee, tea, or beer
  • Collect healthy fruits to progress faster
  • Prestige, gain coins, and purchase more upgrades
  • 30+ different leaves
  • 38+ different shops
  • 40+ areas
  • 32+ PETS!
  • 20+ unique leaves with special bonuses
  • An extensive crafting system
  • A Cheese Pub with several minigames
  • Lots of unique game mechanics
  • Watch numbers go up

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