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1 Controller 2 Players 4 games and 16 Modes.

  • Paddle Game:
    Vs Sports: This mode features a variety of sports-themed games, including:
    • Tennis: One of the earliest video games now playable anywhere you can take steam.
    • Tennis Reimagined: A modern take on the classic with additional movement options.
    • Hockey: Defend your goal and score on your opponent using offense and defense paddles.
    • Squash: Take turns bouncing the ball against the wall and don't let it get past you.

  • Cowboy Game: Vs Battle: These modes offer exciting gun fights with various challenges:
    • Game Mode 1: A fast paced gun fight.
    • Classic Mode : Slower and more strategic gun battle.
    • Duel: One bullet in the chamber and no room for error.
    • Wagon Run: A shootout with running wagons adding an extra obstacle.

  • This_A_Jump: Vs Race: Race against your opponent in these space-themed challenges:
    • Standard: A short series of Jumps before hopping in your spaceship for your escape.
    • Long: A longer trek up to find your ship and make your way off the planet.
    • Endless: Challenge your limits and see how long you can last in the ultimate test of endurance.
    • Alien Attack: You don't have to be faster than the Alien, just faster than the other player.

  • Ferric Dome: Co-op: Work together to save your cities in these cooperative modes:
    • MIssile Attack: Defend your cities by shooting down incoming missiles.
    • Bombing Run : Save your Cities from an onslaught of falling bombs.
    • Endless: Non-stop timed match until you both fail.
    • Boss Rush: This Pits you against a series of progressively tougher bosses, each with unique attacks and strategies.

    All colors in the game can be changed so transform your world with countless color combinations! Customize each element and unleash a unique visual spectacle.