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Lets Beats is a music based game.
With easy control, anyone can enjoy it easily.
Add your own music and enjoy.

- Simple operation
All controls are possible with just the mouse.
(Mouse movement + mouse left click (red) + mouse right click (blue))

- Add your own music
You can add and play any music.
(Currently only "ogg" files are supported)

- Built-in level editor
Edit your own music with the editor.

- Record Competition in Challenge Mode
The granular scoring method makes competition more interesting.
(Depending on the impact strength, you get a high score, but you should pay attention to accuracy.)

- Combo and Fever system
The combo increases infinitely and multiplies the acquired score.

- Audio Visualizer

[Add New Music]
1.Create New folder in "{GameRoot}/LetsBeats/Music"
2.Put the ogg file in a same name folder
(Ex "Music/Star/Star.ogg")
3.Load The Music in Editor