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  • 1,167 Obtainable EXP
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"Looks like a noir graphic novel come to life" - Game Informer
"There’s really something magical here" - PC Invasion
"The story has echoes of Watchmen" - PC Gamer
“Blends noir comic art style with Inside-style-gameplay” - Polygon
“Feels like an episode of Black Mirror” - The Sartorial Geek

About the Game

Open a playable comic book. Hear the rustling of pages. Maybe you’ll even smell the ink. Immerse yourself in a dark, rain-soaked city. Finally, LEAP into the ACTION!

Unravel a cyberpunk story paying homage to modern and cult pop-culture inspired by Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, The Matrix, and even Fight Club. Enter the bleak streets of a dystopian near-future. Here, human rights crumble as governments and megacorps join forces to make you their pawn. THEY want to trace your every move. THEY want to shape the way you think. Will you obey? Or will you FIGHT?

Jump, sneak, solve puzzles, and keep your 9mm ready. Liberated is a white-knuckle action-adventure game presented within a graphic novel. The comic book story intertwines with a pure side-scrolling shooter. Kill them first, ask questions later.

Get ready for a visual tour de force. Witness gorgeously hand-drawn panels reminiscent of Frank Miller’s and Will Eisner’s graphic novels. Liberated combines the legendary comic book styles with the aesthetic influences of ‘40s and ‘50s noir cinema. Let the interplay of light and shadow leave you breathless.

Bring upon the revolution.