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Congratulations, warehouse keeper! You've been promoted!

Little Square Things is a Sokoban-like puzzle game. The objective is simple: Move boxes around to cover up some panels.

But this isn't your father's warehouse. In Little Square Things, you are the boxes. All of them. All of the Square Things respond to your every move, and so it's up to you keep them coordinated, in sync, and in line. Guide them through a series of challenging (and hazardous!) environments to get those panels covered!

Little Square Things is also completely free.

You want puzzles? You've got puzzles!

Think your way through 111 unique puzzles! Plus, you can revisit them all for completely new challenges in each!
From walls to water, from bullets to buzzsaws -- other elements either stand in your way. That, or they'll help you out. You'll have to figure that out!
Navigate the geometry, with game boards that wrap around and null spaces that literally don't exist!
Stop to take your moves turn-by-turn, or crank up the speed if you're in a hurry!

As a master shepherd of sheep and cats alike, you are the Square Things' beacon of hope in these complicated times.

Were you a 90s kid? Some other kind of kid? Are you a kid right now? Doesn't matter, because this game is for you!

Here's what you'll see, hear, and feel:

New! More Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) and SoundBlaster support-ish!
Gamepad.. err.. joystick support!
Modern stuff like Achievements and cloud sync!

With its futuristic 17-color graphics and enhanced Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), Little Square Things is going to blow you away.

So boot up your i386, tinker with your CONFIG.SYS, and crack your knuckles in preparation for that DOS prompt, because it's time to play a game! Also, it's 1991!