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Sloths driving trains? An unstoppable train stuck in an endless loop? Cars that mindlessly drive through level crossings? What the h-?

It doesn't make any sense!

Welcome to the colorful world of Loopomotive, a small casual game that is entirely free & easy to play. There are no rules and no complex game mechanics, Loopomotive is a wholesome and relaxing game with a simply mechanic, a joyful soundtrack and cute graphics to brighten your day. Spot the curious peeking sloths as you go through 15 unique levels set in a variety of sceneries.

How to play:

You drive a train that is stuck in a loop and is unable to fully stop: You can only accelerate, slow down and occasionally use the emergency brake (when it is fully charged).

Levels in Loopomotive are completed by either running a pre-defined number of loops around the track, surviving until the end of a countdown, or letting a number of cars pass through the tracks safely.

You lose the level if you hit a vehicle and cause any accidents. Just one accident is too many. (Come on, you don't want to make the sloths sad, do you?)

What you can do:

  • Explore 15 levels with unique sceneries, from the underground to the outer space
  • Find adorable sloths hidden in each level
  • Unlock multiple game achievements that add replayability
  • Pimp your ride and have the coolest train (possibly in the entire world) with unlockable custom skins