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Mason is pure sandbox and more of a toy simulator than a game. You don't have to work toward achieving any goals or grind resources. Just build as much as your heart desires. You can build anything from a small structure to a large city or even multiple cities in a single scene.
Animated figures will bring life to your builds and help you to forge a story and role-play.

Infinite Buildable Area

There is no limit to the buildable area. You can build anything, anywhere on an infinite plane. You start by selecting a biome and the world will be procedurally generated.

Layering System

The layering system allows you to access and view the inner parts of your structures.

Lots of Unique Bricks

Build with over 1000 unique bricks. The basic bricks collection contains generic shapes that can be used in any setting. Other collections contain bricks, furniture, and figures that are based on a theme. You can construct any shape and decorate structures with extensive collections of bricks and figures.

Modify Brick's Material

You can apply color and materials such as wood, metal and stone to each brick.

Top-Down and First-Person Modes

The top-down camera gives you full control while building structures. first-person mode lets you explore the environment from close range.