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The game has a main gameplay based on sidescrolling strategy set in a sci-fi world. The goal of our protagonists is to restart life on the planet after an extinction.

Depending on the walkthrough, various creatures can be acquired and bred, many of which have unique characteristics.
By buying and breeding these creatures, you can gain raw material (energy).
From the energy, you can develop walls, lasers, mines, and a wide range of other protection devices. The game has a passive development system, your instrument repertoire develops in a direction that the system thinks is handy for you.
And what are these defenses against?
Against Mold, which, like an infection, floods forward and destroys your wildlife.

The game features a medium-length story that connects the 5 terrariums in the game and the side quests.
Furthermore, a freer conversation system with NPCs, which also allows for different responses. With your different answers, you can build different relationships with NPCs that influence the course of the story, but do not get involved in the end result.