• 3,427 Trophies Earned
  • 202 Players Tracked
  • 22 Total Trophies
  • 341 Obtainable EXP
  • 1,320 Points
  • 121 Platinum Club
  • 121 100% Club
Earned Date
  • You have completed all trophies

    59.90% (31.9)
  • Unearthed the abandoned flashlight from the cold, desolate floor, illuminating the shadows that hungered for your fear.

    100.00% (12.0)
  • Summoned the courage to turn the rusty doorknob, venturing into the eerie unknown that awaited beyond.

    99.01% (12.1)
  • Unveiled the secrets of survival and discovered a means to restore your waning life force, defying the clutches of impending demise.

    91.09% (12.4)
  • Pierced the veil of silence that shrouded the haunted town, unraveling its dark history through meticulous exploration.

    91.09% (12.4)
  • Unlocked the enigmatic box with trembling hands, retrieving the elusive keycard that held the power to unlock forbidden realms.

    89.11% (12.5)
  • Unearthed the hidden key near the foreboding power station, a crucial element for escaping the labyrinthine nightmare.

    83.66% (12.8)
  • Dared to challenge the oppressiveness of the prison's iron embrace, slipping through the ethereal bars of confinement into uncertain freedom.

    83.66% (12.8)
  • Delved into the bowels of a forsaken factory, deciphering its enigmatic machinery and uncovering its grim secrets.

    78.71% (12.9)
  • Braved the chilling depths of the main hangar, prying open its imposing doors to confront the unspeakable terrors lurking within.

    73.76% (13.5)
  • Navigated through the labyrinth of oil tanks and electrical panels, skillfully unlocking the path to Alex's hidden hangar.

    77.72% (13.1)
  • Ventured into the haunting confines of Alex's hangar, where the twisted remnants of a shattered psyche lie in wait.

    75.25% (13.4)
  • Surveyed the contents of Alex's hangar with trepidation, unearthing grim revelations that painted a chilling portrait of despair.

    75.25% (13.4)
  • Unearthed the long-forgotten hangar adjacent to the factory's entrance, bypassing the checkpoint barrier to face the horrors that await.

    72.28% (13.7)
  • Unveiled the elusive keycard code, a cryptic sequence that grants access to a realm of nightmares and eldritch horrors.

    68.81% (19.9)
  • Embarked on an arduous journey to reach the towering structure that pierces the heavens, a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness.

    69.31% (14.4)
  • Cracked open the secure keycard box, unlocking the mysteries that lie beyond and forging a path to forbidden knowledge.

    68.81% (19.9)
  • Explored the treacherous and winding bunker tunnels, where echoes of past horrors and unspeakable truths resided.

    69.31% (14.4)
  • Unearthed the concealed key that held the power to unlock the impenetrable door, revealing a path to further enigmas.

    69.31% (14.4)
  • Pressing forward despite the encroaching darkness and malevolence, you forged ahead on your perilous odyssey.

    69.31% (14.4)
  • Scoured the dimly lit rooms, diligently searching for remnants of forgotten lore, uncovering hidden truths that may alter your fate.

    69.31% (14.4)
  • Unlocked the final gateway to salvation, utilizing the keycard to escape the oppressive clutches of the subterranean bunker, leaving behind the echoes of torment and embarking on a path towards liberation.

    60.89% (30.5)