• 775 Achievements Earned
  • 88 Players Tracked
  • 13 Total Achievements
  • 447 Obtainable EXP
  • 42 100% Club
Earned Date
  • You've happened to be around, when Chelsy needed help with her documents. Fortunate!

    70.45% (27.1)
  • Perhaps you have collected too much logs. Why do you need that much?

    56.82% (33.0)
  • No item from the Tower was your property, yet they are in your pockets. That'll be our little secret.

    98.86% (19.9)
  • Batteries and radio combine into a working radio, unsuprisingly. Enjoy the music.

    79.55% (21.7)
  • That snake guy from the plaza found an extraordinary way to proceed with his date. You decided to cooperate. Wish them luck!

    79.55% (21.7)
  • One less couple in the city, no one will even notice! Right?

    55.68% (54.2)
  • You got what you deserved, for crossing bat's personal borders! Yea, you may continue not to think, before doing something.

    60.23% (29.9)
  • You've saved in a very interesting place.

    73.86% (25.9)
  • Those numbers were not just gibberish, but a combination of doors, what a surprise! If you play for the first time, of course.

    53.41% (60.3)
  • That door does not lead to the street anymore. Don't even try.

    76.14% (24.6)
  • You've collected all available Corsic plushies - congratulations!

    56.82% (33.0)
  • You've answered all of Katrina and Evelyn's questions in the Castle.

    68.18% (28.5)
  • You've found all of the notes from the wanderer, whose fate remains a question. A question with rather obvious answer.

    51.14% (67.2)