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After facing extinction a few hundred years ago, Humanity is rising again. But the old enemy is back and, as a Royal Archivist, you must find answers. How did Humanity defeat them in the past? What is "The Source of Power" the enemy is seeking and - more importantly - where is it?

A new adventure in a new theme: Space

  • Complete hand-painted jigsaw puzzles made by a professional artist - no photo stock
  • All jigsaws available in 5 different sizes: 28, 112, 220, 500 or 1000 pieces
  • Lot of puzzle settings to play the way you want (grid, background color/image, pieces outline...)
  • Unique musics especially made for each puzzle

3 different modes - 45 puzzles to complete

  • STORY MODE: A new original and incredible story made of 20 unique puzzles.
  • BLITZ MODE: Finish extraordinary puzzles before they vanish! 10 to complete!
  • CHALLENGE MODE: Get out your comfort zone and solve 15 unique challenges with different rules!

The third episode of the series

The series continues with a new game in a new universe! We can't thank enough all the people who helped us during the development from fellow indie developers to friends, testers and jigsaw monsters!