• 1,463 achievements earned
  • 104 Players Tracked
  • 24 Total achievements
  • 10 100% Club

Nekojishi achievements

  • You’ve been attacked by Leopard… You really should heed Tiger’s advice.
  • You will stay in the city with Guardian Tiger. That's awesome! But…can he use Siri?
  • Now that you’ve taken your place with Lin Hu at Mazu Temple there’s heaps to do! Now’s the time to prove that traditional doesn’t always mean boring.
  • Now that Leopard lives with you in Taipei you’ve found away to become an oracle over the phone. Apply for a patent today!
  • You’re living your happy life with all three big cats together. But what’s everyone going to think? …Har-emm?
  • Both Senpai and Leopard are gone. Now you’re the ordinary student you’ve always wanted to be, there you go.
  • You have unlocked all glossary entries! Now you know what all those strange words mean. What? You still don’t?!
  • Welcome to the gallery! There isn’t enough?! Come on, you’ve seen how Senpai runs all over the place. We’ll be blocked if we put in any more CG’s!
  • You’ve been hit by a car twice and your soul has been taken away. You probably shouldn’t go back home or you’ll bring bad luck to the Temple.
  • Congratulations you’ve found all the bad endings. Don’t give up! There’re some good ones too.
  • You’ve unlocked everything in the game! So what does “Nekojishi” mean anyway?
  • You’ve said no to buying absolutely everything. Guess that’s why you keep on getting bad endings, huh?
  • You’ve bought absolutely everything possible! Dude you’re so rich, can we be friends?
  • You’ve reached one of Guardian Tiger’s endings while he’s the big cat that loves you the most. Keep it up!
  • You reached a Clouded Leopard ending, while he was the one who loves you most. You like his type of guy, do you?
  • You reached a Leopard Cat ending, while he was the one who loves you most. Maybe he really changed after all.
  • You were almost able to get away from Leopard… but he still attacked you. Maybe you should have treated him just a little better?
  • How could you treat Leopard like that? …You got what you deserved.
  • Leopard Cat was the one who loves you most. So what? Now you know he just wanna kill you.
  • You killed Leopard Cat. However, what if you know that you almost get a pass from him?
  • You killed Leopard Cat… Love? What’s that?
  • Clouded Leopard was the one who loves you most, but he still chose to leave. Will you miss him?
  • A big thanks to a special guest stars! Be sure to ask them for an autograph if you see them on the street!
  • I am not a yaoguai, nor am I a god. I am…and always will be...Yan Shu-Chi.