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You think you've seen everything possible in video games? Try this simple arcade game and you will discover something completely new and unusual. Despite the simple gameplay you will have to rely on your consciousness and perception all the time.


  • Interesting and innovative mechanics
  • Unusual and original levels
  • Simple controls
  • A lot of interesting achievements for you to collect
  • Compatibility on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Try to pass the real challenges of the ninja by accompanying the hero in this extraordinary game. Try to think outside of the box, as not everything is what it seems. Levels will start swinging around, turning upside-down and you have to escort the hero by moving in the right direction. This is a great exercise for your mind as it will improve your memory via complex, ever-changing situations. In addition, it is very fun and exciting and will make you spend countless hours trying to cope with your perception.