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About the Game

Experience the challenge of robbing banks, but now with only one arm! Grab a friend and you'll have two arms in total.

Unlock and buy new guns, which can be customized to fit your playstyle. If you are trying to go stealth, the optimal choice might be a suppressor, but if you're going loud, damage and bullets is all that matters, so put on an extended mag and get going!

Each heist is suited for any playstyle, whether you want to sneak in and take out guards quietly, or you go in guns blazing shooting everthing in your sight until you reach the vault, the choice is yours.

As you become a more experienced robber new tools will be unlocked, which will make it easier for you to complete the heists. Each tool has a special purpose, and unique tools make it possible to complete heists in new ways you couldn't do before.

Whether you go loud or stealth, once you are in the vault, the objective is the same: Gather as much loot as possible, and get out alive!
If you can't fit all the loot in the vault in your duffel bag, you can either run back to the truck and get a new one, or get your friends to help you carry out everything!