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About the Game

Emory is an 18 year old noble of Sharan, a wealthy kingdom made even wealthier by Emory's father, an entrepreneur and prolific business man who is the king's aid in finances. As such, Emory is best friends with the king's only child, Cordelian, a 19 year old boy who's being prepped to take over the kingdom. Along with Cordelian, Emory spends their days with Lisia, their personal maid, and Marco, Cordelian's butler. However, Emory's daily, carefree life gets a small wrench in it when they finally meets the princess of a neighboring, rival country, and finds out that Cordelian and her are engaged...

Paths Taken is a dating sim visual novel where you play as Emory, a noble of a country on the brink of war. This game is a more relaxed day-to-day experience though, and doesn't feature any action scenes. How will you spend your time? Who will you chose to walk with along your path?

  • 4 love interests (2 female, 2 male)
  • Over 30,000 words
  • Changeable main character name
  • Changeable main character gender and design
  • No locked routes depending on gender
  • Completely free!