• 39,323 Trophies Earned
  • 7,073 Players Tracked
  • 109 Total Trophies
  • 15,953 Obtainable EXP
  • 1,725 Points
  • 0 Platinum Club
  • 21 100% Club
Earned Date
  • Earn 1,000,000,000 points combined on the tables!

    23.12% (55.2)
  • Post a score in an official tournament!

    19.89% (56.3)
  • Win your first Matchup game!

    28.08% (54.7)
  • Collect 35 Pinball Mastery points in total!

    49.64% (53.1)
  • Gather all the Collectibles of a table!

    9.44% (58.6)
  • Earn all stars in a Challenge mode game!

    21.73% (55.8)
  • Earn all the stars of a table's Challenge modes!

    10.83% (57.4)
  • Unlock 3 upgrades on any table!

    99.10% (50.0)
  • Level up any upgrade or wizard power on any table to level 10!

    32.74% (54.2)
  • Max out all the upgrades and wizard powers on the same table!

    4.06% (67.8)
  • Defeat all the spiders in the cellar on Sorcerer's Lair! (Single player only)

    34.40% (53.6)

Additional Tables #1 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Catch the lightning in 1955 on Back to the Future™ Pinball! (Single player only)

    5.34% (66.5)
  • Raise the multiplier to the maximum on E.T.™ Pinball. (Single player only)

    3.61% (69.1)
  • Activate a Jaws Mode during a Quint Mode on Jaws™ Pinball. (Single player only)

    6.40% (63.3)
  • Launch a probe and get it to the right spot on Secrets of the Deep! (Single player only)

    2.16% (75.5)
  • Complete two successful shots against the galleon during Mock Warfare on Rome! (Single player only)

    3.34% (69.8)
  • Amass your first million with the Mad Professor watching on Biolab. (Single player only)

    8.29% (60.9)
  • Hit all of the guardians of the hidden mini-playfield on Pasha! (Single player only)

    1.03% (111.2)
  • Lock one ball in the Nitro Tank on the V12 table! (Single player only)

    8.60% (59.7)
  • Survive the Giant Ball ramp on El Dorado! (Single player only)

    8.45% (60.3)
  • Secure at least 500.000 points in Funding Hurry-up mode on Tesla! (Single player only)

    1.91% (80.9)
  • Summon a disaster for the unbelievers on Shaman! (Single player only)

    2.25% (75.5)
  • Complete Scout Ahead while avoiding the zombie ball on The Walking Dead table. (Single player only)

    0.75% (155.5)

Additional Tables #2 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Defeat an AT-AT walker on the Star Wars Episode V table! (Single player only)

    1.63% (89.4)
  • Complete the clone training by Capturing the Citadel on the Clone Wars table! (Single player only)

    1.67% (83.3)
  • Complete all of the Empire's special assignments on the Boba Fett table! (Single player only)

    0.52% (293.5)
  • Initiate the Death Star multiball on the Star Wars™: Episode VI table (Single player only).

    2.08% (77.8)
  • Waste 5 X-wings in the Trench Run mode on the Star Wars™: Darth Vader table! (Single player only)

    1.65% (89.4)
  • Make a turn in the Lone Fighter Mode on the Starfighter Assault table! (Single player only)

    0.65% (173.9)
  • Hit the right secret compartment 3 times in a row on the Han Solo table. (Single player only)

    0.62% (176.9)
  • Complete the Fix C-3PO game mode on the Star Wars™: Droids™ table. (Single player only)

    2.11% (77.8)
  • Complete a Tusken Raider mode on Star Wars™: Episode IV table! (Single player only)

    1.64% (89.4)
  • Make combo shots and reach a Master Combo on the Masters of the Force table! (Single player only)

    0.85% (126.8)
  • Complete the story on the Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ table. (Single player only)

    0.61% (178.0)
  • Start a Multiball on the mini playfield of the Might of the First Order table! (Single player only)

    4.28% (67.1)

Additional Tables #3 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Win a quick-draw duel on the Wild West Rampage table! (Single player only)

    2.77% (71.9)
  • Defeat 50 incoming berserkers on the CastleStorm table. (Single player only)

    1.39% (94.9)
  • Accomplish all Tony Stark missions on the Iron Man table! (Single player only)

    1.41% (94.9)
  • Hit all three Websling ramps two times on Spider-Man! (Single player only)

    6.79% (62.1)
  • Fill your treasure gauge to the brim on Blade! (Single player only)

    8.79% (59.1)
  • Hit one of the Hand ninjas by dumping the ball on him on Wolverine! (Single player only)

    5.46% (65.8)
  • Enter the ruined Arena on World War Hulk! (Single player only)

    11.03% (56.9)
  • Collect all targets during Blitzkrieg USA on Fear Itself! (Single player only)

    1.34% (98.7)
  • Score a Surfer award on The Infinity Gauntlet! (Single player only)

    6.62% (62.7)
  • Save Cap's ball from draining down an outlane on Marvel's The Avengers table. (Single player only)

    1.37% (94.9)
  • Locate all A‑Force members to aid you on the A‑Force table. (Single player only)

    0.93% (114.5)
  • Get Bombshell in play with her ramp on Marvel’s Women of Power: Champions. (Single player only)

    1.61% (89.4)

Additional Tables #4 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Reach level five on the Fallout® Pinball table. (Single player only)

    1.16% (103.7)
  • Defeat a dragon on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Pinball table! (Single player only)

    1.95% (80.9)
  • Blast away your enemies with the BFG on DOOM® Pinball. (Single player only)

    0.81% (128.9)
  • Complete all 6 Test Chambers and then defeat GLaDOS on the Portal ® table. (Single player only)

    0.47% (306.2)
  • Complete at least three rounds in a row on the jump ramp on Ghost Rider (Single player only)

    2.02% (79.3)
  • Accomplish all the Asgard missions on Thor! (Single player only)

    0.88% (114.5)
  • Collect 3 heroes to aid Professor Xavier in his battle on X-Men! (Single player only)

    1.46% (90.3)
  • Take off with the Mooncopter on Moon Knight! (Single player only)

    6.96% (61.5)

Additional Tables #5 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Knock out Avery Bullock on the American Dad! Pinball table. (Single player only)

    2.40% (72.6)
  • Start the Giggity Multiball on the Family Guy Pinball. (Single player only)

    2.21% (75.5)
  • Spend 100,000 bucks from the Operations Fund in the Archer Pinball table. (Single player only)

    0.52% (293.5)
  • Serve all customers to get to the Wizard Mode on the Bob's Burgers table. (Single player only)

    0.78% (130.6)
  • Defeat both Facehuggers in the Ulterior Motives game mode on Aliens Pinball. (Single player only)

    1.85% (81.7)
  • Defeat the Alien during Wizard Mode on Alien vs. Predator Pinball. (Single player only)

    0.82% (128.4)
  • Use the Flamethrower to escape the Alien on the Alien: Isolation Pinball table. (Single player only)

    0.82% (128.4)
  • Lock 4 balls with Doctor Doom and start the Four-ball mode on Fantastic Four. (Single player only)

    2.91% (70.5)
  • Use the Cosmic Cube to your advantage on Captain America! (Single player only)

    9.47% (58.0)
  • Start the Shuma-Gorath Multiball on the Doctor Strange table! (Single player only)

    1.34% (98.2)
  • Break into the Prison and start the Ambush with Captain America on Civil War (Single player only.)

    1.17% (103.7)
  • Start a Weasel or a Blind Al mode with two balls on the Deadpool table. (Single player only)

    1.06% (107.9)
  • Complete all main modes and win in Maximum Carnage on the Venom table. (Single player only)

    0.61% (178.0)

Additional Tables #6 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Complete a main mode to start Orb Bonus on the Guardians of the Galaxy table. (Single player only)

    1.56% (89.4)
  • Win all Assemble hurry-ups with one ball on the Avengers: Age of Ultron table. (Single player only)

    1.15% (107.9)
  • Hit the Pym Particle ball enough times to start multiball on the Ant-Man table! (Single player only)

    5.53% (65.8)
  • Duel with the Inquisitor on the Star Wars Rebels™ table! (Single player only)

    1.44% (94.9)
  • Complete Krennic's Wrath on level 2 on Star Wars™ Pinball: Rogue One™ table! (Single player only)

    0.83% (127.8)
  • Start the Princess multiball on Epic Quest by hitting the locker wheel 3 times! (Single player only)

    5.56% (63.9)
  • Repel the attack of the robber knights against Camelot on Excalibur! (Single player only)

    0.83% (127.8)
  • Collect five samples with the Space Shuttle magnetic drain on Mars! (Single player only)

    5.47% (65.8)
  • Get up to the attic of the Haunted Mansion and banish a ghost on Paranormal! (Single player only)

    2.13% (77.8)
  • Fire with the Cannon on Earth Defense! (Single player only)

    3.90% (68.5)
  • Use both Tireless Hands with the same ball on the Adventure Land table. (Single player only)

    2.83% (71.9)
  • Wake up the Titan and start the Chronos multiball on the Son of Zeus table. (Single player only)

    1.98% (79.3)

Additional Tables #7 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Finish the T. REX Chase mode in 40 seconds on the Jurassic Park™ Pinball table! (Single player only)

    1.02% (111.2)
  • Win three Dino Duels in a single session on Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem. (Single player only)

    0.90% (114.5)
  • Defeat Indominus Rex in WE NEED MORE TEETH! on the Jurassic World table. (Single player only)

    0.64% (174.9)
  • Complete the story modes on the Star Wars™ Pinball: The Last Jedi™ table. (Single player only)

    1.41% (94.9)
  • Start the Ahch-To Wizard on Star Wars™ Pinball: Ahch-To Island. (Single player only)

    1.61% (89.4)
  • Complete each "Proper Ship" phase within 12 secs on Star Wars™ Pinball: Solo. (Single player only)

    0.58% (181.4)
  • Destroy the Death Star II on Star Wars™ Pinball: Calrissian Chronicles. (Single player only)

    0.41% (1980.3)
  • Shoot with the AT-DT three times on Star Wars™ Pinball: Battle of Mimban. (Single player only)

    1.64% (89.4)
  • Score a Super Jackpot on the Fish Tales™ table. (Single player only)

    1.12% (107.9)
  • Start the Redline Mania on The Getaway: High Speed II™ table. (Single player only)

    1.74% (83.3)
  • Complete the Outer Space mode on the Junk Yard™ table. (Single player only)

    0.81% (128.9)
  • Start the Battle for the Kingdom mode on the Medieval Madness™ table. (Single player only)

    1.15% (107.9)

Additional Tables #8 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Sink a ship on the Black Rose™ table! (Single player only)

    1.24% (103.7)
  • Steal a saucer and start the Attack Mars mode on the Attack from Mars™ table. (Single player only)

    1.20% (103.7)
  • Meet all pinball partiers at the Cosmic Cottage on The Party Zone™ table. (Single player only)

    2.29% (73.3)
  • Start the Grand Finale wizard mode on the Theatre of Magic™ table. (Single player only)

    1.16% (103.7)
  • Collect all 20 Magic Tokens on the Safe Cracker™ table. (Single player only)

    0.58% (181.4)
  • Defeat all five opponents on The Champion Pub™ table. (Single player only)

    0.59% (180.2)
  • Reach Wet Willie's resort and start the Wizard mode on the White Water™ table. (Single player only)

    0.71% (155.5)
  • Hit the second Jackpot at Red during multiball on Red and Ted's Road Show™. (Single player only)

    0.65% (173.9)
  • Score over 10 Million during Clown Time on the Hurricane™ table. (Single player only)

    0.48% (303.5)
  • Form the Monster Rock Band on the Monster Bash™ table. (Single player only)

    0.85% (126.8)
  • Find the girl and hit at least one Jackpot on Creature from the Black Lagoon. (Single player only)

    0.98% (111.2)

Additional Tables #9 DLC trophies

Earned Date
  • Reach the wizard mode and join the Cirqus on the Cirqus Voltaire™ table.

    0.75% (155.5)
  • Collect a Super Jackpot during Multiball on No Good Gofers™.

    0.52% (293.5)
  • Defeat the Evil Genie and free the Princess on Tales of the Arabian Nights™.

    0.55% (286.7)
  • Be a Super Dude and use the Ray on the Dr. Dude And His Excellent Ray™ table.

    0.35% (2523.4)
  • Shoot into Rudy's mouth while he is asleep on the Funhouse™ table.

    1.33% (98.7)
  • Dock the shuttles and get the Rescue Jackpot on the Space Station™ table.

    0.85% (126.8)