• 11,972 Trophies Earned
  • 632 Players Tracked
  • 19 Total Trophies
  • 53 Obtainable EXP
  • 1,320 Points
  • 627 Platinum Club
  • 623 100% Club

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Procedural 2D platforming goes vertical as you dig, mine, craft and bomb your way downward! Take the role of Oratio, a Dwarf who enjoys hanging around the mines with his dear wife, until a demon spawns from a nearby pit and carries her away! Now it’s a race through the mines to get her back. Can you save Gwendoline from the Devil Johnson?


• Dig your way down through procedurally generated caves.
• Use pickaxes and shovels to navigate various block types.
• Mine ores to craft powerful tools and dangerous bombs!
• Collect random power-ups along the way.
• Dare to face 5 levels of hardcore challenge.
• Confront the Devil Johnson to rescue Oratio’s wife!