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Store Description

VRKemono proudly presents "Realms Of Eternity"

  • Smooth and teleport locomotion
  • Flexible graphical settings
  • Highly optimized for VR
  • Support all major HMDs and controllers, (Oculus Quest version released on Sidequest)
  • Responsive 24/7 support and discord channel
  • bHaptics support integrated

Steam release

Early Access #2 release features Zen garden and 2 weapons mastery Kendo , Kyodo Dojos and single player level.

Kendo Dojo

  • You can master 1 or 2 handed various melee weapons.
  • State of the art physics and interaction.
  • Accurate cut and slice mechanics.
  • Per object damage model.

Kyodo Dojo

  • Master way of bow with 30 waved minigame
  • Static and dynamic targets
  • Rapid difficulty curve
  • Physically challenged, skill based and overall good workout
  • 7 types of enemies, each with own tactics and abilities

Single Player Level

  • Portal is opened to new location
  • Fight and depend new realm
  • Flame arrows
  • New Enemies
  • Defeat mini boss
  • Open secret achievement

      bHaptics native support

      What do we propose ?

      "Game development as service". We are professional game designers and skilled VR developers also an avid gamers. We want to make this and future games for you and for us, game that we all enjoy and love to play together. We have clear picture what this game is about and technical limitation of current VR technology, but we will try to get maximum out of it and polish every aspect as much as possible. We love to be interactive with our community involving them from the early stage of product creation that we strongly believe will only benefit our game and its audience together. Hence you have unique chance to participate in game development, vote for which features to include or how to tune them. For example should we have simulation grade melee or more arcade approach? Which kind of weapons would you like to be implemented together with well-known, exotic ones or some other. We will provide frequent builds and iterate each aspect as closely as possible.

      About Us

      VRKemono is a newly founded studio dedicated only to VR games and media. We have commercial game development and outsource experience on all major platforms. We are genuine pioneers and know how to design games professionally for VR that is still rather new medium.I look forward to hearing for your impressions and suggestions. Lets start this journey together !

      3 Titles that inspired this game

      • Thief series - settings, stealth mechanics, mission structure
      • Dark Messiah - combat mechanics, level design
      • Blade of Darkness - overall feel, enemies, gore, melee weapon mechanics