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Shhh! is a horror experience where your biggest enemy is yourself! If you scream or make noise, the game restarts! (The use of a microphone is mandatory).
Your only goal is to explore haunted locations with your VHS camera.
Survive for 20 minutes without screaming... Can you do it?

The game mechanics are entirely based on the use of the Microphone. You'll need a good microphone and a headset to make the experience more immersive!
Of course, play in the dark and alone...

You can choose between three different scenarios, each offering a different and frightening experience. Each scenario will last 20 minutes.

ATTENTION: At the game's launch there will only be one scenario released... The following will be made available for free with an update.

The game is a walking simulator, you just need to explore the locations while scary events occur. You won't need to interact with anything.