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Shuffle World is a platformer puzzle game where the player makes unreachable areas reachable by shuffle pieces of the level. Like most side-scrolling platform games, you control a character that runs across the screen, jumps, collects and avoid obstacles. Unlike any other platformer I know, you must shuffle the level itself to get all the fruits.

This platforming game has a little twist because the level is divided into segments like a puzzle. Each piece can be swapped by another piece. Select two segments to swap them. A segment will be highlighted by a green border if you hover over them. When they are swapping they will exchange their position in the level.

The levels come in different kind of sizes and are different cut in segments from each other. By rearranging the level the player can collect all fruits to progress to the next level. The obstacles you meet are spikes and walking and jumping enemies. Use moving platforms to your advantage and collect keys to activate blocks.

Be sure to click the tutorial button if you don’t know how to play. The game contains 42 levels that will be harder as you progress. Achievements are included with each level. The game is fully playable with a gamepad.

Swap two-level segments with the mouse by selecting them and they will swap. You can swap levels also with N and M to navigate segments and enter to select. If you use the gamepad you can switch with the left and right shoulder buttons and x to swap.

Arrows or WASD or Left Stick or DPAD to control the character.