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Siren Head - The Horror Experience

While working the late shift at the Police Department, you receive a report about some teenagers that went missing in Windermere Woods. Old folk tales mention these woods, and of a monster that is said to lurk there, but those are just stories... right?

It is your job to find these teens, but you did not imagine the horrors you would face.
The old folks tale states that the mythical monster surrounds its habitat with siren noises of all kinds, luring unsuspecting victims.

You must navigate Windermere Woods with torch in hand, leaving the bright lights of the road and venture into the darkness. Find the teens, or their belongings and try get back to your car unharmed. But will your mind let you rest while you sleep?

  • Atmospheric and Immersive Environment
  • First Person Perspective
  • Scary Atmosphere
  • Amazing Sound Design
  • Slender Man-Esque Game Play
  • Jump Scares