• 53 Achievements Earned
  • 8 Players Tracked
  • 9 Total Achievements
  • 311 Obtainable EXP
  • 5 100% Club

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This time, Slime goes in search of treasure. Go through many obstacles, destroy monsters, pick up a good moment to jump,
jump over spikes, divide, make your way through the water, jump off the walls, look for keys to go further and find the treasure.

Collect stars to change the appearance of Slime, choose the skin that you like: pirate, viking, ghost, new year and others.

Challenge yourself by completing various achievements. For example, can you complete the game with only one life? Or go through the game without killing a single monster?
You will find many levels, many obstacles and monsters, puzzles.

  • 10 big levels.
  • 21 skins.
  • Nice soundtrack.
  • Hardcore mode with one life.
  • Many different obstacles.

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