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Some Synergy is a local co-op game, but the game supports Steam's remote play together

In this local co-op 2D platformer game, you and your friend cooperate to reach the end. Two of you simply need to progress right.
With different platforms that provide different challenges, how will you and your friend progress?

Simple Controls!

The game has a very simple control, so it will be easy to learn right away!
Each player only needs to move left, right or jump!


Most puzzles will require that you and your friend work together to progress.
Communication will be the key!

Various Challenges!

Each puzzle offers a unique challenge that will improve you and your friend's teamwork!

Variety Of Platforms!

  • Normal: Just a regular platform!
  • Alde Platform: Only Alde (the blue character) can use it!
  • Hyde Platform: Only Hyde (the green character) can use it!
  • Reversed Platform: Other player's control will change!
  • Jump Platform: Other player will jump!