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Soulscape: Shadows of the Past is an immersive and atmospheric adventure game that will take you on a journey into the enigmatic world of Blake Turner, a former agent grappling with the shadows of his own past. The game takes place over a saga, consisting of 3 ambitious episodes and Soulscape: Shadows of The Past is the first episode.

- Dynamic Mood System

Player choices influence Blake's mood, affecting the game's narrative and music. Dynamic storytelling meets gameplay. Your mood shapes the world—experience a unique narrative tailored to your emotions.

- Puzzle-Driven Gameplay

Solving puzzles and uncovering secrets is key to progressing.

- Multiple Choice-based storylines

Every word spoken shapes the narrative and dialogues.

  • Intricate Story: A rich, layered narrative explores themes of betrayal, identity, and redemption.
  • Episodic series so the story is diverse with multiple upcoming episodes like the Telltale games.
  • High quality graphics both in gameplay and cutscenes.
  • RPG elements such as inventory systems, multiple choices of clothing and a variety of dystopian characters.