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  • 90 Obtainable EXP
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Owly has been kidnapped by the treacherous Tala. Fight your way through hordes of evil llamas in a quest of liberation and vengeance.

 Skilfully dodge enemy attacks in this challenging bullet heck shooter
 Shoot and poop on over 10 species of llama
 7 varied stages, from the sweltering desert to freezing mountaintops
 Face epic evil bosses as a blue owl
 Unravel the riveting story and discover your super-powered potential

Gameplay tips:
 The poop attack is essential! Hold down the poop button for rapid fire!
 Kill the enemies as quickly as you can because they will follow you!
 Pressing the "1" key on the keyboard or either shoulder trigger button on a controller while having 77 or more pizza activates Super Mode.

Super Mode heals you to full health, increases damage and movement speed, and gives you access to the Super Blast. By holding down the same key or button you used to activate Super Mode, you can fire a powerful blast straight ahead which constantly damages enemies at the cost of your own health.

Use it if you're having a hard time with a level!


"Don't be fooled by the game interface. Start the game with pink GrassMudHorse." - Global mission

"This game is hilarious..." - Vitroex

"ive always imagines being an owl and today was the day it finally happened" - オースティン