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Join our zombie community for events and fellowship. We are getting ready for this coming battle with humans. Come and see what zombies are doing right now.

About the Game

You will awaken as the King of the Dead himself. Infect humans to create your own zombie army, rescue the sealed zombie generals, defeat the humans armed with modern weapons, destroy one city after another and eventually set humans free from this society full of conflicts and sufferings!


  • Raise a Zombie Army!
  • Complete a wide variety of challenging levels.
  • Develop strategies to take down enemies of every stripe.
  • Entertaining skills make for great stress-relief.
  • Collect and enjoy Weapon Memories and Memory Fragments.
  • Command your undead forces with quick-to-learn controls.

Command Your Zombie Army and Decimate Human Cities

Convert all the humans, animals and mutants you see to zombies. Command them and your zombie generals to overwhelm your enemies and destroy them!

Devour Brains and Turn Human Weapons Against Themselves

Sniper rifles, armored vehicles, helicopters and submarines. Human weapons are so powerful! No problem. You can always take them by force! Your zombies are too stupid to use them? No problem. Devour human brains and steal their memories about weapon mastery. Even zombies can be armed to the teeth.

Evolve Zombie Generals and Unlock General Forms

Take the Crystals from humans to evolve your zombie generals and unlock different forms of the generals. Evolve them into their perfect forms so they will be able to counter hundreds of enemies at the same time.

Enhance King's Hypostasis and Obtain Devastating Spells

Draw power from human's fear during wars. Enhance your Hypostasis to restore Divinity and recall all kinds of devastating spells.

A Unique Stylized World

Immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind, dark fairy tale-themed parallel world with stylized art.