• 5,078 Trophies Earned
  • 662 Players Tracked
  • 13 Total Trophies
  • 8,762 Obtainable EXP
  • 315 Points
  • 0 Platinum Club
  • 7 100% Club
Earned Date
  • Trigger Focus Mode for the first time. "Listen, listen to the quiet voice of your heart"

    81.87% (92.4)
  • Perform a Close Shave Counter Attack for the first time. "The trouble with you, is the trouble with me"

    70.54% (116.3)
  • Perform a Beatdown for the first time. "You know far too much regret hangs off your head"

    68.43% (141.4)
  • Perform a Special Environment Finisher for the first time. "This calls for drastic measures When you’re so far away from pleasure"

    48.49% (267.1)
  • Complete the game without being hit during gameplay. "The time it takes to make the break to win at life, again"

    1.06% (6620.7)
  • Perform 10 different Focus Finishers. "Can somebody mediate? Coz your love comes across as hate These pieces just don’t add up"

    52.42% (209.4)
  • Complete Chapter 1. "Oh, what to say When the right words, fail to find the light of day"

    99.24% (79.6)
  • Complete Chapter 2. "Stargazer, Storm chaser, bought for dust, sold for gold But will the true cost ever be known?"

    77.34% (102.9)
  • Complete Chapter 3. "Oh, when everything is lost and mixed feelings seed a hurricane of hearts"

    69.49% (128.2)
  • Complete Chapter 4. "Can I even begin, to comprehend what you must have been through You’re still tunneling dirt, to escape the hurt"

    66.16% (157.1)
  • Complete Chapter 5. "To lift a smile, do we have to raise the dead?"

    59.06% (180.6)
  • Complete THE QUIET MAN. "Oh silent world, rest assured that love lies beyond words"

    50.91% (235.3)


Earned Date
  • Witness the true story of THE QUIET MAN. "In the time that it takes, to be finally understood"

    22.05% (430.8)