• 30 achievements earned
  • 3 Players Tracked
  • 10 Total achievements
  • 100 Obtainable EXP
  • 3 100% Club

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Store Description

The Ring of Truth is an exploration game where the main goal is to uncover a hidden truth. In an abandoned factory, you try to find clues about the separate life of your father, one of the technicians who worked there.

In the steps of your divorced father, you want to learn why he never made contact with you. Examining abandoned objects and listening to old recordings left by your father will be useful to you on your quest.

The game offers a fully alone exploration feeling around a story that you will care about from the start. The best part is, most of the time the game won't hold your hand to guide you. From your first steps to last, you are alone in that factory.

Main gameplay is putting the recordings you listened in chronological order to understand everything you want to learn. Once you finish listening the recordings and ordering them, you will uncover the truth that has been a part of your whole life.