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Discover an atmospheric hunting game like no other in this realistic, stunning open world – regularly updated in collaboration with the community. Immerse yourself in the single player campaign, or share the ultimate hunting experience with friends.

Roam freely across meticulously crafted environments and explore a diverse range of regions and biomes, each with its own unique flora and fauna. Experience the intricacies of complex animal behavior, dynamic weather events, full day and night cycles, simulated ballistics, highly realistic acoustics, and scents carried by the wind.

Select from a variety of weapons, ammunition, and equipment to create the ultimate hunting experience. With a diverse range of wildlife, including Jackrabbits, Mallard Ducks, Black Bears, Elk, and Moose, you will need to strategically match prey to weaponry to successfully track, lure, and ambush animals based on their unique behavior and environment.

Developed in close collaboration with the community, theHunter: Call of the Wild offers a wealth of paid and free content, including reserves, hunting equipment, weapon packs, and trophy lodges. With new content and updates regularly added, players can look forward to a constantly evolving experience.

Every hunt has a unique story to tell. Immortalize your tales of triumph from the Layton Lake and Hirschfelden reserves by displaying your most prized trophies in your spacious Trophy Lodge, or relax by the fireplace as you plan your next hunt.

Experience online multiplayer for up to eight players in breathtaking hunting reserves. Collaborate and strategize with friends, or compete to take down the most impressive trophy. You can access any paid DLC reserve as long as one member of your hunting party owns it.