• 563 Achievements Earned
  • 64 Players Tracked
  • 20 Total Achievements
  • 9,050 Obtainable EXP
  • 4 100% Club

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About Thunderflash:

Play as two soldiers and get immersed in a war-torn Kashmir, transformed in a war zone by a terrorist organization which deploys ruthless mercenaries and devastating military technologies.
Take on the mission alone or with a friend, use all of your available firepower to complete the five missions the game offers.
Taste again the run 'n gun styled game experience in this tribute to the old school arcade style of the 80s.


  • Action in pure Run 'n Gun style
  • Local co-Op to multiply fun
  • Graphics and sound in pure 80s arcade style
  • Music tracks composed by the composer Andrea Baroni
  • Extra modes: Survival Mode & Boss Rush
  • 4 different extra weapons to annihilate the enemy
  • 5 levels full of enemies, traps, and bosses
  • Two different endings
  • Achievements