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Meet Borti – a young and cheerful T-rex that is a main hero in “Tiny hands Adventure”. He’s living in Dinoburg, has many friends and love to play soccer with his school team. But there is one thing that Borti would want – longer arms!

Join Borti on his quest to find the best replacement for his tiny hands and arms.
Explore several unknown worlds, find all the collectables and face bosses that have what you want.
The adventure starts now!

"Tiny Hands Adventure showcases an array of imaginative worlds with impressive visuals" - Tech Raptor

"With a light hearted presentation for children of all ages, well rendered graphics on both the PC and Switch versions, and a few rockin’ audio tracks that don’t get bothersome after repeatedly hearing them, Tiny Hands Adventure is a solid little game that can easily occupy new platformer fans." - GameSpace


  • beautiful 3D graphics
  • collect different tools and weapons for Borti and use them in game! From sticks, through compact drills to mechanical arms and more
  • fight with bosses - the elemental keepers are waiting for you to show up!
  • slide, roll or jump your way to victory
  • visit over 20 stages, set across multiple location themes
  • find secrets and collect crystals
  • try yourself in Hard mode after completing a stage and finding all collectables
  • find out how the story unfolds!