• 550 Trophies Earned
  • 40 Players Tracked
  • 24 Total Trophies
  • 875 Obtainable EXP
  • 1,290 Points
  • 12 Platinum Club
  • 12 100% Club
Earned Date
  • ■Obtained all trophies.

    30.00% (44.8)
  • ■Entered the tutorial dungeon with Sanae Kochiya "Who's ready to seek out some miraculous wonders in this cyber-world with me?" - Sanae Kochiya

    80.00% (30.0)
  • ■Entered the tutorial dungeon with Tenshi Hinanawi "I'll reveal the mysteries in this cyber-world. You'd better keep up!" - Tenshi Hinanawi

    67.50% (32.4)
  • ■Reached the Moriya Shrine "Welcome. You stand in the Moriya Shrine, ruled over by two gods. Come—I bid you make the most of your time in this world." - Kanako Yasaka

    100.00% (28.5)
  • ■Reached the Hakurei Shrine "Sure, I guess I can help you guys. But just this once, okay? Next time, I'm gonna take the lead myself!" - Reimu Hakurei

    70.00% (30.8)
  • ■Returned to the real world "This is getting out of hand... What on earth is going to happen next?" - Kosuzu Motoori

    67.50% (32.4)
  • ■Returned to the cyber-world "So this is the cyber-world. I have to admit, even with everything, this is still super exciting." - Nitori Kawashiro

    67.50% (32.4)
  • ■Restored peace to the world "...This won't be our last time together, right? I have every faith that we'll meet again." - Akyu Hieda

    47.50% (39.0)
  • ■Assembled 30 partners "You really need a lot of allies to overturn society, huh? We may start small, but we'll just keep recruiting more people, and use their power to make a paradise that won't leave the weak behind!" - Shinmyomaru Sukuna

    35.00% (41.5)
  • ■Recruited Marisa Kirisame as a partner "Hey, Sanae. You know I wouldn't miss this for the world." - Marisa Kirisame

    80.00% (30.0)
  • ■Recruited Iku Nagae as a partner "Eldest daughter, I shall follow you anywhere, even in this cyber-world." - Iku Nagae

    67.50% (32.4)
  • ■Filled your Danmaku Power to its max "No one can block a full power danmaku from my fingertip. Of course they wouldn't—this is the power that keeps Eientei running." - Reisen Udongein Inaba

    90.00% (28.9)
  • ■Raised Tummy to max "Ah, I've... I've never eaten until I was full before in my life. There's food all over! Here, there, everywhere! This is bliss..." - Shion Yorigami

    37.50% (40.8)
  • ■Shopped at the dungeon shop "Welcome! Welcome to Kourindou! We welcome all customers who behave well and make sure to pay. However..." - Rinnosuke Morichika

    60.00% (37.9)
  • ■Successfully stole from the dungeon shop "Whoops, looks like I accidentally left without paying. Don't worry, I'll make sure to return it!" - Seija Kijin

    42.50% (39.6)
  • ■Encountered a Pan-pandemonium "The real Hell starts here." - Hecatia Lapislazuli

    60.00% (37.9)
  • ■Formed a 10 person party in the Team editor "When I become leader, I'll listen to, remember, and understand everyone at once, then I'll guide us to precise solutions." - Miko Toyosatomimi

    77.50% (30.4)
  • ■Filled all weapon, armor, and charm equipment slots "Ha! With my power, your slots would be so full you couldn't carry it all. ...If my sister weren't here, that is." - Joon Yorigami

    30.00% (44.8)
  • ■Raised a partner's skill level to level 4 "Congratulations on your trophy. But are you sure you aren't simply dreaming of this achievement?" - Doremy Sweet

    37.50% (40.8)
  • ■Got a partner to friendship level 2 "It's my underworld debut! (53) Today's my birthday! (106) What do you think, Yamame? (213) Happy new year! (427) Everyone in the underground! Let me borrow your wisdom! (854) I'm in a new bucket now! (1708) I've got a survey for you all! (3417) I've been dropping lots lately! This is great! (6835) Whoopsie-daisy, I broke my bucket. Tee-hee! (13671) I'm going on a group trip tomorrow, so I drank up the last of the home well water! (27343) Thank you! I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more of each other! (54687) - Kisume

    85.00% (29.2)
  • ■Conquered the Lotus Labyrinth "I never thought you'd clear the impregnable Lotus Labyrinth. Maybe I wasn't giving you quite enough credit." - Kasen Ibaraki

    47.50% (39.0)
  • ■Encountered a new cyber original "I'll let you have the title of the strongest for now! Next time, though, I'm taking it! Just you wait!" - Kokoro Hata

    32.50% (42.1)
  • ■Made it back from Weltende "Nitori sure knows how to craft a powerful machine." "Self-repair and ironclad defenses. This might be an unwinnable game." "Hey, there's always hope when you don't give up! There has to be a way!" - Minor Kappas

    30.00% (44.8)
  • ■Destroyed Dir Grenze "In honor of your hard work, I'll leave the cyber-world alone. ...As long as the two worlds remain in balance, of course." - Yukari Yakumo

    30.00% (44.8)