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Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded- achievements

  • ■Obtained all trophies.
  • ■Started Tutorial "Hey, you! You read the whole tutorial, right? You didn't skip all the text, did you? It explains a lot of important stuff, so you better not complain to me later!" --Reimu Hakurei
  • ■Visited Yokai Village "I remain of the mind that burning yon village to ash wouldst benefit the whole of the world. Most vexing." --Futo Mononobe
  • ■Defeated Awaritia Incarnate "Owww...I'm bruised all over. I know I was possessed, but how much do you need to hurt me before you're satisfied? What? You barely hit me? Quit joking around!" --Rinnosuke Morichika
  • ■Visited the Former Capital "Even though we're underground here, it still snows in the winter. I dunno how that works, but being able to drink sake and watch the snow ain't bad at all." --Yuugi Hoshiguma
  • ■Defeated the Crimson Raven "I'm happy the bright and gentle Okuu is back... Ugh, you smell burnt. Hmhm, we're going straight back home to the Palace of the Earth Spirits and getting you a bath." --Satori Komeiji
  • ■Visited Watatsuki Bunnyland "I tested all the attractions here at Bunnyland myself, so don't worry about a thing and just enjoy yourself." --Yorihime Watatsuki
  • ■Defeated Kokoro Hata "I told them I'm back to normal, but they still want to keep me under surveillance. I'm sad the Lunarians can't understand my expression of sincerity. Boo-hoo..." --Kokoro Hata
  • ■Visited the Human Village "I suppose the best way to put it is, 'One cannot fight on an empty stomach.' A sage like myself must be ready to fight at any time. What? It's true!" --Kasen Ibaraki
  • ■Defeated Buyking Origin "Buyking's disrespectful attitude... or rather, his arrogance. Like he's looking down on you. Hmm, I feel like I've seen that before... Oh, that's right, it was Kanako." --Suwako Moriya
  • ■Defeated the Great Moriya Angel "This is the ultimate form that has combined the power of a god, an angel, magic, and miracles! It's weird for me to be an angel when I'm already a living god? Aaah, you just don't get it. I'll teach you! You see, in Gensokyo, you can't let yourself get tied down by common sense!" --Sanae Kochiya
  • ■Cleared all Sage Training "To have conquered all the challenges I prepared... Impressive. You're not bad." --Kasen Ibaraki
  • ■Cleared the Sage Final Graduation Exam "Hmph, now she can't nag me anymore about training every day. What? Since I surpassed you as a first-class sage, I need to train every day so I don't bring shame to your name!? You gotta be kidding me! Th-That's not what you told me before!!!" --Reimu Hakurei
  • ■Cleared Mystery Dragon Crater "Sheesh, every time I meet a greedy human who knows about my ability, nothing good comes of it... This is all the fault of the person who held that symposium." --Nazrin
  • ■Cleared Dogmatite Vein "Okuu, Orin, and big sis. All three of them have pretty matching accessories now." --Koishi Komeiji
  • ■Cleared Futo Mononobe & the 7 Trials "Well, how to put this... She seems like her head's empty, but it's not. She's weird, but skilled, and she's very loyal to the Princess. Well, I guess she's kind of reliable, too. She's...okay, I guess." --Tojiko Soga
  • ■Cleared Old Well in the Divine Spirit Mausoleum "None doth know where the wells of Gensokyo may lead. It is most vexing. However, if not for this well, ne'er would I have gone on an adventure with Reimu." --Futo Mononobe
  • ■Cleared Bullet Reporter "Awww man... When I went back home, with a hot scoop in hand, my house got destroyed by a nuclear explosion. *sigh* I just want to curl up in the corner of an unknown otherworld..." --Aya Shameimaru
  • ■Cleared Offering to the Living Deity "When the Living God is in a bad mood, she's the scariest thing on Yokai Mountain." --Momiji Inubashiri
  • ■Defeated Clownpiece "I still don't like mischievous fairies who pull pranks, but...ever since this incident, I really understand that hell fairies and surface fairies really aren't that different from each other." --Alice Margatroid
  • ■Defeated Devil Treant "Gensokyo's a pretty crazy place, but even then, you don't get the chance to be a king every day. Maybe I'll brag about it to Kourin... Or, wait...maybe not. I guess he was a king, too, for a little bit, huh?" --Marisa Kirisame
  • ■Cleared Fairy Well "Ahaha, my lips are stained red. It's too tasty... But it's not enough. Not enough at all! Give me more, more much more!!! Hurry! I want...strawberry flavored shaved ice! Mmm, delicious!!!" --Flandre Scarlet
  • ■Cleared Old Well at the Hakurei Shrine "I was thirsty, so I tried to get some water from the Hakurei Shrine's well, but it didn't have any water in it at all. I wonder how Reimu's been living here..." --Akyu Hieda
  • ■Cleared Mysterious Dimension "She just left this giant space hole in my room... Oooh, I need to have Lady Yorihime fix it again or I won't be able to sleep at night." --Rei'sen
  • ■Defeated Kisumessiah "*sigh* I shouldn't have dreamt of making my debut in the Underworld and just quietly stayed in a cave or in a well." --Kisume
  • ■Cleared Junk Garden "This is a mountain of junk? No way! To me, it's a mountain of treasure!" --Black-haired Kappa "Fools measure value with a short ruler..." --Green-haired Kappa "Yeah, yeah! Don't underestimate a kappa's technical capabilities!" --Blonde-haired Kappa
  • ■Cleared Old Well at the Moriya Shrine "Alright! I have enough meter to finish it! Take this, frogface!!! Sky God Hadouk-- ...Wait. Why is Sanae at my secret training area!?" --Kanako Yasaka
  • ■Nito Fusion: Used Fusion "It wouldst appear thy equipment has been refined through Fusion. My own experiences hath taught me that in order to escape dangerous situations, it is important to fuse talismans to increase their numbers." --Futo Mononobe
  • ■Nito Fusion: Used Mix "You made food with it? That's amazing. I would like for you to give me this wondrous device." --Kasen Ibaraki
  • ■Nito Fusion: Used Alchemy "It makes new equipment from completely different ingredients!? Gahaha, now that's a piece worth working on!!! ...Says Unzan." --Ichirin Kumoi
  • ■Nito Fusion: Used Meld "It melds together only the best parts of each equipment. ...I sealed it away for a long time. It's a dangerous function that can destroy the balance of the world. But, I believe I can pass it on to you without worrying. I believe in you." --Nitori Kawashiro
  • ■Encountered a Pandemonium Room "Ahahaha, everyone, go mad and crush each other! It's Lunatic Time!!! Welcome to the insane world!" ---Clownpiece
  • ■Successfully robbed the store "You accidentally sold your own item and then stole it back!? Stealing's bad enough on its own. I can't believe you..." --Mamizou Futatsuiwa
  • ■Paid 150,000 to stay at Hotel New Hakutaku "I put out two futons, but only one looks like it's been used. ...I see what happened. Satori is a proper lady, so she must have neatly folded her futon this morning before she left." --Keine Kamishirasawa
  • ■Obtained over 55 cut-in illustrations "What? Everyone looks good in their photos? That's spirit photography for you. All their expressions and poses are just an illusion." -Hatate Himekaido
  • ■Recorded over 100 enemies "You recorded this many enemies!? Thank you. It's impressive that even though they're replicas, you've eliminated this many of them." --Akyu Hieda
  • ■Recorded over 30 characters "Alright. I'm going to drop in on this person and we'll go out drinking!" --Reimu Hakurei
  • ■Raised 10 player & partner characters over level 99 "Hmhm, by fighting alongside your allies, it seems you've created a priceless bond. You've journeyed so far into the world of Genso Wanderer...there's no going back now." --Yukari Yakumo
  • ■Throw a gap far "Ouch!!! ...A-A thief!?" --Rinnosuke Morichika
  • ■Fainted from starvation "H-Hey, that's not okay! I know drinking my medicine will restore your tummy a little, but that doesn't mean you should chug it all!" --Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • ■Fainted from eradication "I'll tell you exactly what happened! I was just happily sweeping, when Reimu, who was standing next to me, suddenly disappeared!!! I don't understand what you're saying, so I'm just gonna keep sweeping!" --Kyoko Kasodani
  • ■Got a game over from the Moon War event "A femto. In other words, the briefest instant. An instant so short, living things cannot acknowledge it. Time is made of an incomprehensible number of these strung together. Time seems to flow simply because we cannot recognize the tiny instances that comprise it. A string may look like a single item, but it, too, is made of many smaller pieces of fiber woven together. When a string is made without unnecesssary materials, it will become powerful and durable. When many pieces of string are combined, they will make a rope that will never rot. Such a rope was made long ago to prevent impure ones from entering." --Toyohime Watatsuki
  • ■Succeeded with the Gamble, "Espoir" spell card while holding a lot of money "If I don't win, I'll just be someone's meal...it's no different on this boat or in Gensokyo!" --Reimu Hakurei
  • ■Used Aku Gacha for the first time "The Hieda family always does honest business, so you don't have to worry♪" --Akyu Hieda
  • ■Created equipment from a rare material "How many expensive materials did you buy? I see... Listen up. If you keep buying those materials, you can get an incredibly powerful weapon. ...What? You already have it!?" --Kasen Ibaraki