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About the Game

[THIS IS NOT THE FULL VERSION. There are only ten toys in this version]

Toy Tinker Simulator: BETA is a tiny portion of the full game: Toy Tinker Simulator.

Repair toys

  • Disassemble/assemble toy parts and go through the repair processes like cleaning, painting, sandblasting, coating, sanding, sewing, filling/stuffing etc
  • Repair as many toys as possible to earn more money and experience
  • Take before/after photos to see the progress

Design your office and workshop

  • Buy furniture, carpets, paintings, plants, flowers, etc and design your office
  • Buy new tools and equipment to increase your portfolio

Start your toy-museums

  • Buy and repair unique toys
  • Buy new buildings and design your toy-museums

Play with master-toys

  • Level up and become master
  • Play with master-toys after successful deliveries