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Wild West Crops is a retro style mini metroidvania game which tells the story of "El Gatito", a lovely little cat who starts to fight against mutant crops, after a mysterious meteor fell to the once peaceful Meowtown!

It was a peaceful night, like any other in Meowtown, but sudenly a giant radioactive meteor fell on the city's plantations turning the crops into mutants who wants to destroy everything around them. Now, it's up to "El Gatito" to save the city from this terrible vegetable menace! Playing as "El Gatito", you will travel throught places during Old West, searching for powerful itens to help you defeat your foes.

Explore different scenarios and be the hero by freeing your lovely hometown from the evilish mutant horde!

- Visit different scenarios during Old West;
- Colorful 8-bit style graphics;
- Vibrant Western style music;
- Different special items with helpful abilities;
- Many different Items to collect (Extra Life, Explosives, and others);
- Alternative paths.