• 13 Achievements Earned
  • 7 Players Tracked
  • 3 Total Achievements
  • 1,632 Obtainable EXP
  • 3 100% Club

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Please Teach Me, Master!

An adorable girl requested you, the Yoga Master, a lesson. Instruct her so that she can get good grades in yoga competitions and pretty yoga clothes!
Carefully study her pose from three different angles, and give her the right advice to get the perfect pose. Let’s meet the girl waiting for your instructions!


  • There are 4 parts and 20 yoga & fitness poses. Make her practice the poses you want.
    - Basic Yoga Poses

    - Advanced Yoga Poses

    - Stretching

    - Core Training

  • You can get 3 kinds of yoga clothes from the yoga competition. Complete your gallery by collecting all yoga clothes.
  • With special items like body oil, massage cream and scented candles, boost up where she lacks.